Deworming Puppies

Puppies often have intestinal parasites that they have acquired from their mother during gestation and nursing or contact with infected feces. We will deworm your puppy at the first exam and then send home with a monthly heartworm preventative that also deworms. Some of the intestinal parasites that puppies can acquire are:

Roundworms- contracted during gestation or by ingesting contaminated soil from feces of infested dogs or cats, these parasites live in the intestines.

Hookworms- contracted while nursing, ingesting contaminated soil, or larvae burrowing into the skin of the paw, these parasites live in the intestines.

Whipworms- ingestion of contaminated soil or food, can survive extreme environmental conditions and remain in soil for many years.

Tapeworms- require a secondary host like a flea or rodent, so cannot go directly from pet to pet, acquired by ingestion of the secondary host by your pet, either through grooming or eating their prey.

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